BIC / Compliance Questions

  1. How do I renew my membership with the SC Association of Realtors?
  2. I have an active membership with the SC Association of Realtors. Why can’t I see SC documents?
    • You most likely need to add your NRDS ID to DocuSign. Follow the instructions in this video to accomplish that
  3. What Marketing / Social Media content needs approval from the BIC?
    • If you would like to have your marketing material reviewed by the BIC, he’s glad to do that. Email it to bic@kwsouthpark.com.
    • As long as your marketing piece reflects the KW SouthPark name (either with the logo or in print) and is clear and obvious (although it does not have to be as prominent as your own name or even team name), you’re good as long as you’re a full broker.
    • Social media posts do not even have to include the KWSP name as long as the home page for that account clearly shows you are affiliated with the firm.
    • If you’re a provisional broker, your printed marketing pieces and social media home pages must also include the office phone number (704-602-0400). Your mobile number can be more prominent, but the office number must be included.
  4. How do I connect my Docusign integration with NCAR.
    • How to access documents in DocuSign:
      • Click the button in the top right hand corner after you log in. It should have a picture or your initials.
      • Click Preferences
      • On the left hand side click Integrations
      • Click Add Provider
      • Click REALTOR
      • Click REALTOR ASSOC of NC (near bottom of page)
      • Search for your NRDS number and fill in the blanks
  5. Vacant Land Listings
    • Agents are required to authenticate the identity of any seller listing vacant land. The seller will have to provide identification at the closing, so be sure to secure a copy before listing and confirm it matches the tax records. Additionally, dispatch a letter containing a confidential code and communication guidelines to the property owner indicated in the tax records. This step should remain undisclosed to the purported seller who initially made contact with you. It’s crucial not to proceed with listing the property until you’ve received validation of the provided code. These steps are important in all cases, and they are particularly critical when the seller is unable or unwilling to meet you at the property. 
  6. For all other BIC questions, please email bic@kwsouthpark.com

Market Center Questions

  1. How do I request a KPA?
    • You can request a KPA using this link. Please allow at least 24 hours for a response. If this needs immediate attention, please email Nick@kwsouthpark.com.
  2. Who can help me with a question about my agent bill?
  3. Where do I go for a 1099?
  4. Where can I find the W-9 form?
    • You can find thw W-9 by going to the resource page above and clicking on the “W-9 Form” Button
  5. Where can I get wiring instructions?
    • Contact commissions@kwsouthpark.com. Please allow at least 48 hours.
  6. Who do I contact in regards to compliance?
    • Please contact compliance@kwsouthpark.com
  7. I have a specific question about my transaction. Who do I contact?
    • Contact compliance@kwsouthpark.com. Please include the opportunity number in the email.
  8. How do I update and change my credit card information used for agent billing?
  9. How do I see all the training available at KWSP?
    • You can stay up-to-date with all KWSP trainings and events by subscribing to the training calendar on your Gmail. Subscribe to Calendar@kwsouthpark.com. Click here to watch a step by step video
  10. Who do I talk to when I have questions about Attorney checks/wires and outgoing checks?
    • Please reach out to compliance@kwsouthpark.com
  11. How do I submit a direct deposit change request for profit share and/or commission payments?
  12. How do I get certified to do the Keller Offers Program?
    • Go to KellerOffers.com, log in, and click on the training tab at the top right. Once you complete your training: Live Webinar or On-Demand, you’ll Gain access to request offers on behalf of your clients! Certified agents will also have access to KO marketing materials and resources.

Marketing & Tech Questions

  1. What is the Director of Marketing and MCTT Hours?
    • Monday – Friday 9 am -5 pm
  2. Where can I find the Keller Williams SouthPark Logos?
    • You can find our logos by going to the resource page above and clicking on the “KWSP logos” Button. Once on the KW page scroll down to the search box and type our market center number (290) and then download. Make sure to look over the Identity & Style Guide to follow correct KW branding guidelines
  3. How can I schedule a Marketing Consultation with our Director of Marketing?
    • You can Schedule a meeting with Giovanni using his Calendly link
  4. How can I set up a meeting for a 1:1 tech training?
    • You can set up a FREE 30 minutes zoom Tech Training with Scott Le Roy Marketing using this link
  5. Docusign is not working, who do I contact to help me?
    • First: You can email Scott Le Roy Marketing at mc290@scottleroymarketing.com
    • Second: Contact Compliance Officer at compliance@kwsouthpark.com
    • If you’re in PC, please reach out to your coaches
  6. How do I get the office printers set up on my computer?
    • Currently on hold!
  7. Any questions for Showingtime, MLS, Remine, Realist, etc?
    • Please contact 704.940.3159 or support@carolinahome.com
  8. Something is not working right on KW Command. Who can help me?
    • Step one: Email Scott Le Roy Marketing at mc290@scottleroymarketing.com
    • Step two: Set up a 30 min 1:1 Zoom call with Scott Le Roy Marketing using this link
    • If Scott Le Roy Marketing cannot assist you please, email Gio at gsenno@kw.com
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